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History of Visual Music - Sound and Colour (2002)*
Visual Music Notes (2003)
Visual Music Notes (2004)
Visual Music Blog (2005 - ongoing)
Visual Music Essay (2007) [NEW]

* History of Visual Music - Collection of Resources by Maura McDonnell

The short history of visual music (sound and colour) site was created in preparation for teaching a class in the music and image course to students of the Music and Media Technology Programme, Trinity College, Dublin - 2002 - 2003. The content consists of images (large for projection purposes) and quotes from resources that were available on the web at that time. It's aim was to document a historical path through the influences of art and technology, to demonstrate that this art form has been around in some shape or form for quite a while. Some excellent resources online such as Fred Callopy's RhythmicLight website are referenced.

History of Visual Music - Sound and Colour

A Visual Music Approach
The visual approach taken is to incorporates techniques from cinema, video, art, concepts, ideas, music, with Music having the strongest aesthetic force. The visuals are brought to movement in response to music, mainly electroacoustic and computer music. The work is often abstract in style and content and mainly follows a conceptual idea.



Visual Music Research

These visual music notes were prepared for teaching puproses. The path taken to approaching a visual music perspective seems to change each year. However, at all times the intention is to provide a useful overview of the area or facets of the area of visual music and in what ways have people worked with the medium and what ways can the medium be worked with.

The purpose of the visual music notes is to provide a context for working in the visual music field. In particular they provide links to resources, writings, documents, illustrations and in some cases video clips that are available and were available on the web at the time of preperation.

please feel free to contact me if you would like to recommend a work or artist to include in the resources.

[note:] Some of the links in these notes are not available at present but were available at the time of preparation.

History of Visual Music Sound and Colour 2002
Visual Music Notes 2003 (pdf)
Visual Music Notes 2004 (html format)
Visual Music Blog (2005 - ongoing)
Visual Music Essay (2007) [NEW]

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