sounding visualExperimental Video and Music Combinations

video and music
duration: 11'30"

Silk Chromavisual music visuals: Maura McDonnell
music composition: Linda Buckley
concept /producer: Dermot Furlong
surround sound (installation version): Gavin Kearney

Silk Chroma is inspired by the novella "Silk" by Allesandro Baricco. “Silk” was used as a conceptual framework for the creation of the visuals and the music and as the basis for creating a visual drama and electroacoustic composition to conceptually mimic that of Silk.

Silk Chroma section 2Silk Chroma is a fixed media visual music video that employs a technoscience approach to both colour and timbre experience to create a visual music and electroacoustic composition. Silk Chroma can be presented either as a fixed media piece or as an installation piece using a surround sound presentation. A technoscience approach to colour and timbre phenomena provides a basis for aesthetic design. The technoscience approach to the perceptual aspect of colour and timbre is an innovative, non-standard approach to perceptual phenomena which permits a systematic handling of aesthetic issues; issues which are normally excluded from more scientific/technological considerations.

Silk Chroma premiered in an installation setting from the 11th – 12th November, 2010, Printing House, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland as part of Dublin Innovation Week, 2010. It has since been shown in the US at the SoundImage8 Festival and in the Sensorioum Festival at the Project Arts Centre in March 2011

Dublin Innovation Week, Dublin, Ireland - November 2010
SoundImageSound 8, University of the Pacific, US -- February 2011
Sensorium 2011, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland - March 2011


Three sections:

Section 1: Water Flow Over his Body

Silk Chroma - Section 1 - Water Flow Over His Body from Silk Chroma on Vimeo.

Section 2: Silk Threads Stopped Time

Silk Chroma - Section 2 - Silk Threads Stopped Time from Silk Chroma on Vimeo.

Section 3: Birds in Flight

Silk Chroma - Section 3 - Birds in Flight from Silk Chroma on Vimeo.