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dazzling and blinding stillEdges
by Maura McDonnell

Music Extract for video taken from Music by Composer Barry Truax's 'Digital Soundscapes' CD


Edges is a conceptual visual music piece which was based on a poem by the author. A poem on the idea of identity and existence. The poem became the inspiration for the visual material. However, the piece was also a visual exploration of the atmosphere and richness from a number of compositions by the Canadian Composer Barry Truax, from his Digital Soundscapes CD.


The object for exploring the concepts in the poem was the human head. Simple gestures were used to explore both our stillness and the movement in our stillness. Kathleen McGovern was the model for this exploration.


The music became the focus for the process of composing the visuals over time.
Barry Truax is an amazing composer, whose music is wonderfully rich, timbral and extremely atmospheric. Check him out for yourself.

Barry Truax

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