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Sounding Visual is a web site that explores artisitic works - video, film, installation - that utilise sound and image in a close relationship. Music becomes one of the main aesthetic strands of the work.

Maura McDonnell The author of this site is Maura McDonnell. Her research and artistic interest is in the area of Visual Music, and sound and image, and in exploring the possibilities of presenting music with moving image/visuals.

Much Visual Music is in an abstract animation style, but it need not neccesarily be of an abstract nature. The technology and artistic exploration of film and video can provide multiple opportunities of working with the syntax of moving image. Experimental film and Video, Performance Art, Conceptual film all provide an exc iting foundation from which to create a visual music language. However, it is mainly the language and syntax of music that provides the influential aesthetic focus for creating a visual music work.




Audio-visual work by
Maura McDonnell
Video Clips

dazzling and blinding link Dazzling and BlindingAbstract Visuals in response to an electroacoustic composition by Kaija Saariaho
edges link Edges Conceptual video based on poem with soundtrack taken from Barry Truax Digital Soundscapes
towards one link Towards One Music and Visuals as process, conceptually based on mathematical harmony laws of Pythagoras. A visualmusic piece.




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LecturingMaura McDonnell lectures on courses in the M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies Programme at Trinity College, Dublin. The Masters 'Music and Image' is a course jointly designed and presented by John Bates, Fionnuala Conway and Maura McDonnell. This music and image course covers topics in relation to working with music and media, and in particular image and sound.
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Silk ChromaSilk Chroma
- visual music music piece created in 2010. Concept and producer - Dermot Furlong. Music composition - Linda Buckley. Visual music composition visuals - Maura McDonnell. Surround sound for installation - Gavin Kearney. More Info

Visual Music Essay

Visual Music Essay, written by Maura McDonnell for the Visual Music Program Catalog for the Visual Music Marathon held in Boston (2007) and New York (2009)

Visual Music Marathon Program Catalog - Boston 2007

Visual Music MarathonAn essay on Visual Music was commissioned by Dennis H. Miller, artistic director of the Visual Music Marathon. The essay was published in the Visual Music Marathon Program Catalog. The Visual Music Marathon took place on April 28th, 2007 at Northeastern University in Boston, USA as part of the Boston Cyberarts 2007 Festival. Note: The catalog version is richly illustrated with image illustrations, the online version here is text only.

Link to Visual Music Essay (without illustrations)

Link to Visual Music Marathon - Boston 2007

Visual Music Marathon Program Catalog - New York - 2009

The Visual Music Marathon took place again in New York at the Visual Arts Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, New York City, in April 2009. It consisted of largely the same screening program as was held in Boston in April 2007, but with some variations.
The Visual Music Essay I wrote for the Boston Visual Music Marathon was also included in the program catalog for this event.
The Visual Music Essay is available online in pdf form as part of the full Visual Music Marathon Catalog program that has been made available online. This time there are some illustrations, however, some images due to copyright constraints have not been included, but you can check out these images yourself online.

Visual Music Marathon Program - pdf
(with many illustrations - including essay and screening program)

Highlights of the New York Visual Music Marathon was an introductory talk by Cecille Starr - which was incredible. I was very taken with her encouragement of what was being done with visual music today and her discussions of her friendship with Hans Richter . Highlighted works were the incredible works by Stephanie Maxwell, Bonnie Mitchell, DennisH. Miller and Jean Detheux

Some Links
Fine Art Animation by Cecille Starr, 1987

Review of Visual Music Marathon
Visual Music Marathon: Musical Fine Art Animation Benchmark
May 24, 2007
By Jean Detheux

AWN article reviews the Boston Visual Music Marathon. [13 pages!]
Online html

Visual Music Notes
- Notes on Visual Music compiled for teaching purposes

Like most people who are interested in Visual Music and Audio Visual Art/Composition, I collect resources - books, articles and DVDs that are relevant for an investigation into what is visual music. There are not many direct books on the subject, but there are lots of books that are relevant. There are loads of articles in journals like the Leonardo Journal and the Computer Music Journal, but I will compile that list another time. For now, here are some links to visual music related resources on amazon.

Visual Music Releated Resources available to purchase on Amazon

I have compiled together some links re books and dvds that are available to purchase at Amazon. I have set up an astore - basically an affiliation set up with Amazon. When you buy a book via my astore, I get a percentage. I am hoping this will help with my website postings - to improve this website and my Visual Music Blog postings. However, its main purpose is to put together some of the books I have been looking at in the last few years

preliminary studies - still

Works and Artists who create Video/Film work with a strong music focus.

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Composer Links

See Music links for more links to composers and music related information

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